Thinking about joining us for a class at Padded Gloves? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

I am new to Padded Gloves, which class should I come to?

We recommend that people new to Padded Gloves and new to boxing first try our technique classes on Monday or Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

If you have done some boxing before then you may be able to come to one of our cardio boxing classes. We recommend that you come on a Monday or Wednesday eveing at 6:30pm as we have 2 trainers for these classes.

I am quite fit, do I need to start with a technique class?

Although you may be fit, boxing at Padded Gloves will probably push you harder than you are used to. We work both aerobic and anaerobic fitness – that is, you keep training even when you are out of breath. You will get even fitter.

Also, boxing is about connecting your brain to your body. Your fitness is only one component of what you will work in a class. You will have to use your brain to understand and punch the correct combinations. You will also need to train your body to move in new ways and use different muscles from what you are used to using.

Is Padded Gloves suitable for people who have never boxed before?”

If you have never done boxing before then we advise that you come to our technique class. Please check our timetable.

What equipment do I need to bring?”

All you need to bring is some water, and probably a towel. We provide boxing gloves, inner gloves and pads so you do not need to bring these.

Do you provide boxing gloves or should I bring my own?

We have boxing gloves, inners and pads available for use for free. If you have your own gloves and / or pads you can bring those with you.

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer free trials for first visits. You will need to purchase a casual pass for $20

What should I eat before coming to class?

We recommend a piece of fruit such as a banana or apple 30 – 60 minutes before your class. This will give you energy to burn during the class. Do not eat a large meal before coming as your body will be trying to digest whilst you are training and you will feel sick and uncomfortable.

Do I need to book a place in a class?

You do not need to book a place in a class, you can just turn up.

Will I be OK to come on my own?

You will be fine to come on your own. When it comes to partner work, our trainers will help to pair you with someone suitable. If there is no one available they may get you to work on the bag – don’t worry, you will still get a workout.

Is there a membership fee for the PCYC?

Yes there is an annual membership for access to the PCYC. This is a small, tax deductible fee that helps support the programs that the PCYC offers.

This is separate from the Padded Gloves class fees.

Where are you located?

We are located on the top floor of the Glebe / Leichhardt PCYC.

When you arrive you will need to sign in at the PCYC front desk downstairs, pay for your visit and then come upstairs to the gym.

How do I get to the gym?

The gym is located at the Glebe/Leichhardt PCYC, 2-4 Minogue Crescent, Glebe, near the border with Annandale.

There is a parking lot and street parking if you are driving.

Both the 433 and 370 buses stop outside the gym. The closest 470 stop is a 5 minute walk to the gym. All Parramatta Rd buses are about a 10 minute walk to the gym.

The closest light rail stop is Jubilee Park

What do Padded Gloves do in a cardio boxing class?

Our classes are broken into the following five components:

  1. Warm up – this may include running, skipping and shadow sparring
  2. Bag work – we call out combinations for you to punch on the bag
  3. Partner work – pair up with someone else. One has gloves, the other has pads and you punch the combinations that we call out. We do several rounds and then you swap who is on pads and who is on gloves.
  4. Core workout – this may include pushups, sit-ups, weights, medicine ball etc
  5. Stretching – a range of stretches to help release the muscles that you have been working during the class