Padded Gloves’ kids cardio boxing classes offer a fun way for boys and girls aged 8+ to get fit and learn the spirit of boxing.

Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, 4:30pm – 5:30pm at our space at PCYC Glebe / Leichhardt.

Classes are $15 each, with 10 visit passes available for $150.

Classes for kids aged 8+

No contact

During our boxing classes, kids learn how to punch but do not have physical contact with other kids. They will learn through a range of exercises including shadow sparring, punching the bag and punching with our head trainer or support coach.

Build skills in a fitness based class

Kids boxing teaches coordination and ways to move the body. We also include fitness building exercises such as skipping and running through ladders. The key to learning how to box in our classes is to listen and follow instruction, so kids get a great opportunity to focus their attention for 60 minutes and exert lots of energy.

Build, promote and inspire confidence

Learning a new skill can be tricky, but we’re here to support your kids to take on the challenge. We use positive reinforcement and lots of feedback to help the kids in our classes build their confidence in themselves and their skills. We also share feedback with parents and carers so you know how your kid is progressing and you can be proud of them too.

Have a fun and make new friends

Exercise should be fun, and that’s our focus at Padded Gloves. We encourage a healthy, active lifestyle that enables you to enjoy life to the fullest. We encourage a supportive community so that connections can be made in the class and shared beyond the walls of them gym.