Beginners Technique classes are designed for anyone new to boxing or trying out Padded Gloves for the first time. These classes provide an introduction to the form and technique that we use in our classes and the way that we call combinations.

Classes are run twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. They run for 60 minutes.

During these classes we have at least 1 support coach so that we can provide 1:1 feedback to each participant.

I am quite fit, do I need to start with a technique class?

Although you may be fit, boxing at Padded Gloves will probably push you harder than you are used to. We work both aerobic and anaerobic fitness – that is, you keep training even when you are out of breath. You will get even fitter.

Also, boxing is about connecting your brain to your body. Your fitness is only one component of what you will work in a class. You will have to use your brain to understand and punch the correct combinations. You will also need to train your body to move in new ways and use different muscles from what you are used to using.

Our classes are broken into the following five components:

  1. Warm up – this may include running, skipping and shadow sparring
  2. Bag work – we call out combinations for you to punch on the bag
  3. Partner work – pair up with someone else. One has gloves, the other has pads and you punch the combinations that we call out. We do several rounds and then you swap who is on pads and who is on gloves.
  4. Core workout – this may include pushups, sit-ups, weights, medicine ball etc
  5. Stretching – a range of stretches to help release the muscles that you have been working during the class